Choosing The Right Bed

How Do I Know Which Folding Bed Is Right For Me?

 When choosing a folding bed these are some of the things to consider.

How long will you need the bed?

If you plan to use the bed every day then you should consider getting a high quality folding bed with a good spring mattress. An example is the RitzSupreme Deluxe or Hotel Style. These beds have a spring mattress much like the regular mattress in your home. The best spring mattress will be on the Ritz Roll away Bed.

The Ritz Mattress does not fold it is two pieces of solid  mattress. Many spring mattress need to bend so the quality of the spring is made very thin so it can bend. Many people like the feel of a spring mattress because it is more like a regular mattress.

You should be aware that most spring mattress have a much shorter life span then the foam mattress. Heavy use on a thin spring will shorten the life of mattress. The exception is the Ritz because it does not need to bend or fold.

Another permanent solution is the ZZZ Chest Bed. If you do not have the closet space to store a Folding Bed, this is the perfect solution. It is a handsome cabinet that you can put in any room and will look like a dresser or server. It comes in many sizes, styles and finishes. The drawer comes out like an accordion, when you need to use it and goes back into the cabinet when not in use. It has lots of storage space for Blankets, Sheet and Pillows.

If you will be using the bed for a short period of time then you should be looking for an inexpensive bed that is comfortable. A good example is The Guest Folding BedThe Luxurious Folding Bed, or Serta Roll-away Bed   These beds are very comfortable  and will not eat up your budget.

Another idea, if you need the bed for a short period of time is to rent. In many places you can rent a Folding Bed for less then 35.00 per week.

What is the difference between the spring frame and the wooden slats?

The spring frame is very durable and comfortable but over time as the metal get older it tends to squeak. Many people find the squeaking of the frame annoying. The wooden slats will not cause any noise because they are inserted into a plastic holder that does not move.

The problem with the wooden slats is that if you have children that jump on the bed, it will cause them to brake. Another problem in a humid environment, such as Florida, the wood can mold.

To avoid both of these issues, you may want to look at a bed that does not have springs or wooden slats. The Ritz has a solid MDF board that will not move make any noise or mold. Another alternative is a bed with a canvas support, such as The Lite-Touch Roll-away Bed or The Hideaway Bed. The canvas support will not squeak and is an excellent support.

Will The Bed Sag?

Many Roll away Beds tend to sag especially if heavy weight is applied. There are a few beds that will not sag. Namely The Deluxe Tubular Roll away Bed with No-Sag Surface, The RitzThe Extra Sturdy Folding Bed , or The Extra Long Multi-Position Guest Bed,to mention a few.

Another solution to make the mattress firmer and not sag is to purchase a board to put between the mattress and frame. That will cut down on the squeaking and make the mattress much more firm.  We sell boards that are made for the folding beds or you can purchase a board at your local hardware store such as Home Depot. Click Here for our boards.

How Much Weight Will The Bed Hold?

Most of our Beds indicate the weight Capacity. If it does not please contact us and we will let you know. The weight capacity is calculated base on distributed weight, spread out, throughout the bed.

Why Should I Be Concerned With Fire Rating?

All Mattress sold in the USA must meet the government code for flammability. In California the law is stricter and all mattress sold there must meet that code. All of our Beds meet or exceed the government requirements for flammability. For more information Click Here. For Consumer Product Safety Commission Information Click Here.

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