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Complete Folding Beds

Complete Folding Beds
Complete Folding Beds

Folding Beds make great Guest Beds, economical and quick to use.

Adult Twin XL Folding Frame with Memory Foam Mattress 14792367(Weight Capacity 1200 lbs)

With a powder-coated steel frame, this Twin XL bed frame is foldable for easy storage. This bed frame comes with a split Pragma Simple Cool memory foam mattress with 2 inches of memory foam and a supportive 4-inch foam base.

$475.00 $429.95 (Save 9%)
In Stock
Adult Twin Folding Frame with Memory Foam Mattress 14792367T(Weight Capacity 1200 lbs)

With a powder-coated steel frame, this Twin Bed Frame is fordable for easy storage.

$475.00 $429.95 (Save 9%)
In Stock
The Complete Basic Folding Cot 223(HSFS)

Complete bed with mattress unit. Comfortable and convenient,

$150.00 $95.95 (Save 36%)
In Stock
The Luxurious Folding Bed With 5" Memory Foam Mattress 352STD_(LNFS)

The Luxurious Folding Bed is simple and easy to use. The bed sets up in mere seconds, while the thick mattress provides your guests with ultra-comfortable support for the restful nights sleep they deserve.

$275.00 $229.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Italian American Rollaway Bed D1117_(CRMFS)

The Twin Size Folding Guest Bed Features: -Comfortable 5 In. Thick Innerspring Mattress (Included With The Bed).

$200.00 $149.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Adult Queen Size Quad Folding Frame with Memory Foam Mattress 14792367Q(Weight Capacity 1200 lbs)

With a powder-coated steel frame, this Queen Size bed frame is fold-able for easy storage. This bed frame comes with a split Pragma Simple Cool memory foam mattress with 2 inches of memory foam and a supportive 4-inch foam base total 6 In.

$550.00 $489.95 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Folding Rollaway Bed S9716499(MTGFS)

Perfect for over-nighters and plenty comfortable for longer stays, with a 3 1/2" thick mattress that rivals a regular twin

$475.00 $429.95 (Save 9%)
Out Of Stock
Evo Performance Folding Bed US10001(ARKFS)

The Evo is lightweight and easy to use.

$175.00 $139.95 (Save 20%)
Out Of Stock
Sussex Performance Folding Bed US10002(ARKFS)

The Sussex has a robust steel frame which is finished in a high quality durable epoxy powder coated paint finish for a long lasting new look.

$275.00 $219.95 (Save 20%)
Out Of Stock
Kingston Performance Folding Bed US10003(ARKFS)

The Kingston is specially engineered to meet the extra demands of contract use.

$325.00 $249.95 (Save 23%)
Out Of Stock
Impression Memory Foam Folding Bed US10005(ARKFS)

Impress your guests with this memory foam folding bed.

$400.00 $309.95 (Save 23%)
In Stock
Extra Long J-Bed Twin or Full Size US_000_(ARKFS)

Created without compromise, the J-BED encompasses all that is great about British design and engineering.

In Stock
Rollaway Guest Bed Steel Frame With Foam Mattress 1600 (EBFS)

Tri-Folding Sleeper Bed Night Steel Frame With Foam Mattresses Ottoman Chair ​

$250.00 $179.95 (Save 28%)
In Stock
Folding Bed Couch Bed CB715314(GNYFS)

Our Folding Bed knows how to change it up! Not only is it a convenient guest bed that folds and rolls away for storage, but it's also a modern and surprisingly versatile couch!

$450.00 $399.95 (Save 11%)
Out Of Stock
IBed Memory Foam Deluxe Rollaway Guest Folding Bed With Storage Bag (275 lbs Weight Capacity) (CRFS)

Includes free storage bag. Simply unfold for a comfortable guest bed! Rolls easy on casters for portability.

$200.00 $159.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
The Classic Light Weight Guest Bed HI228(HOFS)

Light Weight Strong Construction Folding Bed.

$200.00 $149.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Folding 31.5'' Wide Roll Away Guest Day/Night Bed Frame W/Mattress 330 lbs Weight Capacity

Our 31.5'' wide rollway guest day/night bed frame will be great help when you home comes guests. This single bed will not occupy your place, and you can put in your living room

$300.00 $179.95 (Save 40%)
In Stock
Premium Rollaway Bed 95_(HW)

Our Premium Rollaway Beds are heavy duty angle steel Rollaway Beds are designed for comfort and durability for years of trouble-free usage.

$600.00 $459.95 (Save 23%)
In Stock
The Tokio Folding Bed With Reclining Headrest

The Tokio Folding Bed with Premium Mattress

$350.00 $270.00 (Save 23%)
Out Of Stock
Extra-Long Rollaway Innerspring Mattress 1331/410005(LP)

Deluxe, Heavy Duty Angle Steel Rollaway with coil spring and mattress.

$500.00 $375.00 (Save 25%)
Out Of Stock
Guest Bed Mattress Bedding Cot Day Night Bed (300 lbs Weight Capacity)

When guests come to stay over, take out the folding guest bed so they feel comfortable for the night.

$200.00 $139.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Extra Long Adjustable Folding Rollaway Bed (500 Lbs Weight Capacity) (Free Dust Cover)

Durable & Adjustable Mattress high resilience and environmental foam mattress, gives you or your guest a comfort sleep. The back of the guest bed can be adjusted to 6 different levels.

$500.00 $349.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Harth Metal Rollaway Bed with Mattress, Multiple Sizes 19.5" Off The Ground (WFS)(Weight Capacity 275 LBS)

Tuck away this rollaway bed in small spaces and pull it out for an extra bed for unexpected guests. A sturdy metal frame supports a polyfiber mattress for a easy-to-fold bed.

$400.00 $275.00 (Save 31%)
In Stock
Extra Long Folding Bed MT-4904(SYFS)

Extra Long Folding Bed with reclining head rest. Strong Construction. Mattress is foam 4".

$350.00 $279.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Portable Fold-A-Way Bed FB2273BK(UTDFS)

Fold-up roll-away Bed with durable wheels for easy portability

$250.00 $175.00 (Save 30%)
In Stock
The Pisolo Bed With 5" Inner Spring Mattress 92367(LB)

Store your roll away bed in a handsome looking box.

$450.00 $350.00 (Save 22%)
Out Of Stock
The Bergamo Folding Bed With 5" Innerspring Mattress 92365(LBFS)

Folding Bed with 5 In. Innerspring Mattress

$300.00 $245.00 (Save 18%)
In Stock
39'' Width Roll Away Folding Bed FB38(ENZFS)

The Folding Bed is simple and easy to use. Anyone who has had unexpected guests will appreciate the value of this folding bed

$450.00 $379.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
The Rome Extra Long Guest Bed With Mattress 09(GLFFS)

The Rome Extra Long Premium Guest Bed with 4 In. Foam Mattress

$450.00 $349.95 (Save 22%)
In Stock
Home Folding Bed with 4 In. Thick Mattress 228(HSFS40)

Folding bed<br>

$250.00 $149.95 (Save 40%)
In Stock
Deluxe Roll-A-Way Bed 304(WHFS)

Light Weight. 1 In. x 20 gauge Tubular Steel Zinc Plated Folding Bed. Automatic opening and folding legs, with twisted link galvanized wire woven links with four 2 In spring clip.

In Stock
Exclusive 2.75" Foam Frame Folding Bed 034-1-11 GB(WFS102)

Foam frame folding bed

$150.00 $126.95 (Save 15%)
In Stock
Adjustable Folding Bed with 8-inch Mattress 13348543(OFS274)

This chaise lounge features a heavyweight cotton detachable mattress and sturdy metal frame. The chaise lounge frame also reclines in six positions.

$450.00 $369.95 (Save 18%)
Out Of Stock
Priage Easy Folding Guest Bed and 4-Inch Single-size Foam Mattress 15651623(OFS)

Give your guests a comfortable night's sleep with this convenient folding Priage guest bed. Featuring an easy-folding construction and comfortable 4-inch foam mattress this convenient bed is easy to set up and store, for a great space-saving solution

$275.00 $243.00 (Save 12%)
In Stock
Roll-A-Way Bed 5424(TOPFS)

Strong Metal Frame. Approximately 4 In. Premium Foam mattress with durable fabric cover.

$375.00 $299.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Ottoman Bed 5426(TOPFS)

Ottoman that converts into a Bed

$350.00 $299.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
Getaway Elite Folding Guest Bed Single (AZFS)

The Destinations Collection is a line of folding guest beds that range in offer from simple solutions for entertaining guests at home or for hotels needing rollaway beds.

$450.00 $305.95 (Save 32%)
In Stock
Contura Comfort Ease Folding Guest Bed Cot with Gel Memory Foam Mattress IMCE030S(WFS)

This guest bed comes with Gel infused memory foam and has an ultra-plush teddy bear fleece cover that provides the ultimate comfort

$175.00 $139.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Optimal Frame Foam Folding Bed 194-1-11 CS/GB(WFS138)

Lightweight With Lots Of Room For Bedding.

$200.00 $175.95 (Save 12%)
In Stock
Perfect Foam Frame Folding Bed 185-1-15 GB(WFFS114)

Features four wheels so that it's "perfect" to get out and put away.

$175.00 $145.95 (Save 17%)
In Stock
Folding Bed 020(TH)

Folding Bed. At Home, Quickly Transform Any Space Into A Guest Room With This Convenient, Portable Sleep System.

$245.00 $165.00 (Save 33%)
In Stock
Link Spring Roll away Bed With Mattress 411061(LPFS)

This cot is ideal for when company is over or if you just need a night to yourself.

$500.00 $334.95 (Save 33%)
In Stock
Link Deck Roll away Bed With Innerpring Mattress (350 Lbs Wt. Capacity COM-39(AVMFS)

Create extra space for company with the same quality roll away bed that hotels use.

$500.00 $439.95 (Save 12%)
In Stock
Folding Bed DPU CFE(CSNFS)

Light Weight Folding Bed. Easy To Fold And Unfold.

$250.00 $199.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
The Hideaway Bed With Mattress FPB956(CNRFS)

This guest bed sets up quickly without assembly and folds to a mere 5-1/2 In. thick for ease of storage.

$199.95 $118.95 (Save 41%)
In Stock
Guest Folding Bed SP-J04 (E&S)

A Great Space Saving Folding Bed. Strong And Durable. Tubular Heavy Gauze Steel Frame Makes It Stable And Sturdy.

$200.00 $149.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Folding Bed Butterfly Cvuufsgmz(CSNFS)

Metal Folding Bed With Mattress. This Is Elegant And Perfect When You Have Guest Over. Easy To Fold And Unfold. Strong Construction. A full Twin Size. No assembly required.

$300.00 $199.95 (Save 33%)
In Stock
Folding Bed 030(TH)

Folding Bed. At Home, Quickly Transform Any Space Into A Guest Room With This Convenient, Portable Sleep System.

$225.00 $125.00 (Save 44%)
In Stock
Full Size Extreme Duty Rollaway Bed (400 Lbs Wt Cap) 5410(AVIFS)

The only true Full Size Rollaway Bed on the Market. All Steel Reinforced Construction

$700.00 $599.00 (Save 14%)
Out Of Stock
Roll-A-Way Bed 5425(TOP)

Strong Metal Frame. Approximately 4 In. Premium Foam mattress with durable fabric cover.

$275.00 $175.00 (Save 36%)
In Stock
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