How To Gain More Space From A Guest Bed

How To Gain More Space With A Folding Bed

Your bed is perhaps the most important piece of furniture you will ever buy. After all, you will spend a third of your life lying on it. Perhaps just as importantly, it is the largest thing in your bedroom and attracts a lot of attention. It is the first thing you see every morning and the last thing every night. A good looking, comfortable bed can induce calm feelings, while an unattractive or uncomfortable bed will do just the opposite. A king, a queen, a folding bed, with storage or without, headboard, height … there are a lot of options regardless of your personal taste or space requirements.

Okay, so buying a bed is an important decision.  Here is something else to consider: because of its size, a bed can take up the majority of useable floor space in a bedroom.  This is fine while you are sleeping, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense while you are awake.  One great option that is often overlooked is a folding bed.  Especially for folks in small apartments or with big families, this is an easy way to instantly increase your living space each and every morning.  In this article we will address the subject of folding beds in an attempt to lay out the options and realities for those new to the market.  We will demonstrate a few nifty products as well as a few things to watch out for. Folding beds can be a super solution to your space needs and there have never been more options available.

For some reason, the only place you see a folding bed (also called Murphy beds) any more are in old Three Stooges slapstick routines.  Despite the comedic potential, these are fantastic and practical space-saving solutions. Many providers like the Hoosier Wall Bed Company or the London Wall Bed Company offer completely modern designs that are safe, efficient, and comfortable (and they don’t close while you are in them, despite what the movies say).  In many cases, normal mattresses can be used so you can be just as picky as you would be with any standard bed.  Most designs also include a restraint system for sheets so the bed stays made even while upright.  The best part of this design is that your bed disappears in seconds with no awkward bending or heavy lifting.  We don’t understand why all beds aren’t folding beds. There is no easier way to gain back square feet of floor space instantly.

Folding Bed Styles

A much more common foldable bed is the futon.  Originally from Japan, these beds are attractive because of their simplicity and multi-functionality.  Consisting of a folding wooden or metal frame and a foldable stuffed mattress, these beds are designed to easily convert into a sofa.  The huge global popularity of the folding bed design is due their design flexibility.  By changing the mattress cover, these beds can easily be converted to suit any design scheme.  The simple wooden frame is minimal and classy and looks equally good in a high class penthouse or a student dorm room.  Another advantage is that a folding bed easily disassembles making a move much easier.  While futon mattresses can be heavy and a little bit awkward to maneuver, they are universally recognized as being quite comfortable either in sofa or bed form.

Folding bed

Sofa beds are another good option that sometimes get a bad rap.  While older versions of this design could be excessively heavy and uncomfortable, many new designs have solved these problems.  IKEA is one popular supplier that frequently comes out with new and improved designs.  Far from the complicated style of the past full of springs and levers, there are quite simple modern designs that fold horizontally or that bend over backward with very little effort or fuss.  There is no reason to expect that modern sofa beds are anything less than comfortable, and weight is no longer an issue.  The only drawback to a bed that is also a primary sofa is that you will have to make the bed each day before you can sleep in it.  While it is possible to leave the sheets on during conversion, most people prefer to keep sleeping sheets separate from daily use on the sofa.

The final kind of bed that we will discuss in this article is the traditional folding cot or camp bed.  This style of foldable bed can come in all kinds of styles and sizes and can be great guest room solutions.  Most frequently, this category of folding bed is not used as a primary bed, but as an extra for use during family get together or similar occasions.  Their biggest advantage is that they are inexpensive and quite small and light when folded so that they can be stored out of the way when not in use.  Things to look for when shopping for a camp bed are well made components, an easy to use folding mechanism and a thin but comfortable mattress.  Some good suppliers include the and Acme Furniture.

Choose a Folding Bed

We don’t know why folding beds aren’t more popular.  Regardless of the size of your house, it’s hard to imagine that anyone wouldn’t appreciate more living space.  With more folding bed options than ever before, this is a great time to shop.  New products mean that you don’t have to sacrifice all important comfort and aesthetics to gain back a significant part of your living space for all the things you do while you are awake.

The Convenience Of A Portable Mattress

A mattress that is easy to bring will surely come in handy when you need a bed when traveling. A portable mattress is easy to carry and comes with features that are fit for transporting the bed anywhere. If you’re going camping or decide to sleep over at a friend’s house, a portable bed can serve well in providing adequate sleeping comfort. The materials in which portable beds are made from are no different from mattresses placed on bed frames. However, what sets them apart from your usual mattresses is the fact that they’re lighter and definitely handy. Most portable mattresses can be folded so it fits into a doorway and at the back of the car. The mattress’ ability to bend makes it a fitting choice if you’re always on the go yet like to sleep in the comforts of your own bed.

The Common Types of Portable Mattresses

  •  Foldable mattress – This type of portable bed mattress can be folded into two or three depending on the design. Most designs feature a stitched in handle so the mattress can be carried like a bag when folded. It’s like carrying a big suitcase when you travel. The folding mattress comes in different sizes with varying weights depending on the materials used. Some can fit in two people while there are those that are good for only a single adult or child. Reasonably priced, you can get one of these mattresses for under 0. Camping outdoors is definitely a breeze with the foldable mattress.
  •  Inflatable Bed – As its name suggests, this kind of portable bed mattress is filled with air instead of the usual foam or cotton. Most designs feature a built in air compressor so you can quickly and easily inflate and deflate the bed. This mattress also comes in different sizes from twin to queen sized air beds so both kids and adults can sleep in it. Some designs come with a zip case so you can fold and pack the air bed when there’s no need for it. A case that comes with a handle and rolling wheels allows the user to easily transport the air bed absolutely anywhere, be it for camping trips or sleepovers. The inflatable bed is usually priced from 0 to 0.
Portable mattress

Travel Anywhere with a Portable Mattress

It is just great to have a portable mattress at home. Kids and teens like to sleepover; hence, portable beds can give your guest a nice mattress to sleep in. You can also conveniently store these mattresses when not in use. Tuck them under the bed or put them safely inside a storage compartment. With handles, wheels and carry bags, portable mattresses can be easily brought along on family outings. They’re made to be handy so they’re very convenient and easy to carry. If you’re in the market for a portable bed, reading reliable reviews should give you a lot of ideas about it. Consider comfort, support and durability when you’re shopping for these mattresses. Portable mattresses should serve well in providing comfort and relaxation in even the most remote location.

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