Varieties of Folding Beds

Folding Bed

Folding beds have been around for a long time and many of us have used them when unexpected relatives and friends show up, when someone with a health problem needs a place to sleep or rest or when an extra bed is needed during the holidays, or family gatherings.
Folding beds come in many sizes, shapes and costs. Examples of some folding beds are: Army style beds, rollaway beds, sofa sleepers, inflatable beds, and Stowaway beds. Costs of folding beds range from One Hundred to One Thousand Dollars or more.

Varieties of Folding Beds

Folding bed with mattresses is another example of folding beds but offers a thicker mattress and more comfort. Folding foam beds are filled with foam, are very comfortable and a great way to treat guests. Folding beds have been popular for a long time and for various reasons. Fold bed is easy to move around, are inexpensive, provide a secure and comfortable place to sleep and are accessible.
A folding camp bed has a thinner mattress and an aluminum frame. The width of this mattress is about 20 inches but provides comfort at an affordable price. Fold up beds also have a thinner mattress but come in various shapes and sizes. Double folding beds are usually 4 feet wide and very comfortable. Once again, they are easily transportable and offer comfort with an affordable price.

In addition, folding beds have been used for years in hotels and in some hotels, they are still being offered to those who need an extra bed. Many homes still use folding beds for unexpected visits by family and friends and during the holidays when friends or family need to stay overnight due to bad weather or extending a visit. Folding guest beds are also a great furniture asset and most of them have aluminum frames, come in different sizes and are light in weight.

Benefits of a Folding Bed

One of the best features of folding beds is the bed frame. Most of the folding bed frame folds into the center of the bed, coming up at end to fold the bed in half. With other folding beds the bed frame folds in three sections. For these reasons before buying a folding bed, make sure that all moving parts are secure and that they will last. Safety and caution need to be enforced when folding or unfolding the bed, especially when children are around. Accidents have happened when children have slept on unsecure folding beds.
In addition, fold up beds are great space savers, especially if space is an issue in your home, condo or apartments and they can be transported anywhere in a home with relative ease and within minutes provide a safe and comfortable place to sleep. And, should you need to take the fold up bed with you, then taking it with you will be relatively simple and ensure a good nightâs sleep for the person needing its comfort.
Folding bed trays is another great example of convenience and comfort that adds value to any bedroom. Bed trays are meals trays that have legs that support each end and fit across the lap of the person who is sitting up in bed. These bed trays, when finished, can be folded up and then stored away. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes and can also be used for writing or reading in bed. Some come with a prop-up, so that the person in bed can read with ease and comfort.
And, with most folding beds there is another great advantage; they can be adjusted to support your back and by doing this, can help with back pain.

Folding Air Bed

Another subtype of the folding bed is the air bed. This kind of bed has several distinct advantages such as: they can give specific comfort to you and this kind of comfort can be found by blowing up the bed to the particular level of comfort. And they can also help eliminate dust mites and allergies because they wonât be trapped inside the air mattress and the bed can unfold and inflated anytime. The storage of the bed is also easyâjust deflates it, fold it and store it away.
These air beds have another great benefitâyour better health! Being filled with air makes them more comfortable and you will find that you wonât be tossing and turning as much because it feels so much softer.  In addition, some experts in the bedding industry have said that some of the folding air beds available now are as comfortable or more comfortable, than air mattresses.

More Choices

Chair beds are becoming increasingly more popular--especially with seniors and those suffering with health issues-- and are comfortable and easy to operate. Chair beds can be used as a bed or as a chair and what is great with a chair bed is that the person using the chair doesnât have to transfer from chair to bed. Some come in the form of an adjustable bed, using electronics to achieve a sitting position while others are used as chairs that can recline completely so that the person can lie down comfortably, as in a bed.
Sleeper sofas, still another extension of folding beds, are a great option for those looking for comfort, affordability and accessibility. What makes a sleeper sofa a great alternative for some is that it can transform a lovely sofa into a comfortable place to sleep. And, if you have space restrictions in your room, twin sized sofa beds might be the answer for you because they are often less than five feet wide. If you have more room, then a full-sized sleeper sofa or queen-sized sofa may work best for you. 
Stow-away beds are yet another example of a folding bed. The fold-away bed is a good idea for many because it can be folded and stored out of the way when it is not used. It can be placed on its side and put against a way or laid down and itâs easy to set up and to take down. The stow-away bed often weighs no more than 38-46 pounds and is easy to move around. When youâre finished with the fold-away bed, all you do is roll the mattress up and store it next to the frame.

Where To Buy

We have a large selection of Folding Beds on our web site that can meet any needs. Please contact us if you have any question. We have been selling Folding Beds for over 20 year and can guide you to the right one for you. So, no matter what youâre looking for; be it a folding bed, folding chair bed, folding foam bed, etc., there is a type of folding bed that will work great for you! Our Phone # is 800-707-0754.

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