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Dr. Watters Maternity Air Bed MB2002T(GI)

If you or someone you love is losing sleep during their pregnancy because of hip and/or lower back discomfort, there is an answer! The patented Gentle Air Maternity Air Bed makes it possible for pregnant women to sleep comfortably and safely on their stomachs.

One reason why the maternity air bed is so unique is the adjustable comfort tummy zone located in the middle of the bed. This adjustable center piece, allows an expectant mother to adjust it to her comfort level for sleeping on either her side or safely on stomach.

New features include: Dual Mono Air Valves for quick inflation and deflation , Electric power Air Center Pillow and a Soft Velvet Finish on the top to keep your sheets from sliding.

This new model like our older model will Improve Motherís Circulation, Relieve Hip and Back Pain, you can Sleep on Stomach or Side and will Improve your Sleep by 90% on average.

Converts to Guest Bed! The bed includes a portable electric air pump and rechargeable AC adaptor. It also includes a convenient travel/storage bag!

For most pregnant women, being comfortable and getting enough pregnancy sleep can be two of the biggest challenges. Typically, these problems affect more than 75 percent of pregnant women.

During the second and third trimesters (20 weeks and beyond), lower back pain and stomach discomfort often increase and effect restful sleep during pregnancy.

Women who normally sleep on their back or stomach often find getting enough restful sleep especially challenging. For the most part, sleeping comfortably on the side or stomach is not possible without the Gentle Air Maternity Air Bed. Sleeping on the back is discouraged because of compression of the uterus on the large blood vessels (inferior vena cava) and on the intestines, causing decreased blood flow and oxygen to the baby.

By providing women with a safe and comfortable way to lie on their side or stomachs, blood flow is maximized to the baby and pressure is taken off of the muscles of the lower back. This reduces congestion of the blood vessels and lessens the likelihood of hemorrhoids caused by swelling and abdominal discomfort. Adjustable inflatable comfort zone of the air bed allows women to change positions as their pregnancy progresses for maximum comfort.

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Dr. Watters Maternity Air Bed  MB2002T(GI)
Dr. Watters Maternity Air Bed MB2002T(GI)
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