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Army Style Cots. Featuring Fast Shipping.

The Maine Military Cot 403-30 (BYFS)

The Maine Military Cot.

$150.00 $111.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Military Style Cot 300 lbs Weight Capacity 5423C(TOPFS)

Sleep comfortably off the ground while camping or at your hunting cabin with the classically styled Adventure Military Cot.

$95.00 $66.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Coleman Trailhead II Cot (AZFS)

The Coleman Trailhead II Cot gets you off the ground and into comfort.

$85.00 $69.95 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Oversized XXL Folding Camping Cot (550 Weight Capacity)

It is made of thick material and you will feel completely relaxed on this cot because it is so sturdy and well-made. The fabric is strong and taut.

$225.00 $169.95 (Save 24%)
In Stock
Deluxe Heavy-duty Military Folding Cot (500 pound capacity) DBCH4689(OFS)

This Deluxe Heavy-duty Military folding cot is tough enough to handle the biggest camper. Made with a heavy duty aluminum frame, it features a comfortable fabric surface, is very easy to set up, and comes with its own nylon carrying case.

$125.00 $79.95 (Save 36%)
In Stock
Allagash Folding Cot 104-AL(BYFS)

The Allagash AL Cot is our newest addition to our family of folding cots.

$99.95 $72.95 (Save 27%)
In Stock
Oversize Adult Portable Camping Bed Cot Military (350 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Rest more comfortably when you take this portable folding bed on your next camping trip.

$200.00 $160.00 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Lilypelle Folding Cot Portable Adult Oxford Bed Camping Hiking

Lilypelle Folding Cot Bed Portable Adult Oxford Bed Camping Hiking

$175.00 $130.00 (Save 26%)
In Stock
Heavy Duty Steel Folding Spring Cot (375 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Heavy Duty Steel Frame Weighs Only 16 Lbs. but hold one person up to 375 Lbs.

$150.00 $129.95 (Save 13%)
In Stock
Comfort Cot With Mattress FCM(GTFS)

Sleep in comfort with this folding cot, its thick 1 In. foam mattress and steel springs guarantee you a good night's sleep.

$135.00 $104.95 (Save 22%)
In Stock
Colossal Folding Cot (400 lbs Wt. Capacity)15048 (CSFS)

The Colossal Folding Cot Provides An Extra-Large Sleep Surface For Great Comfort.

$175.00 $149.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot + Free Storage Bag COT-02-DG(MG)(300 Lbs Weight Capacity)

This cot is built tough, strong and comfortable, adhering to the high quality standard built set for outdoor equipment.

$150.00 $69.95 (Save 53%)
In Stock
Comfort Cot XL With Mattress WFCM(GT)

The Comfort Cot XL is the larger brother to our Comfort Cot. We made it larger to accommodate taller sleepers or those who just wish to have a little more room.

$150.00 $95.00 (Save 37%)
In Stock
Heavy Duty Steel Military Style Folding Cot with Foam Mat XB-4(375 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Blantex is well-known among military and relief agency circles for creating sturdy beds and cots with steel-frame construction capable of supporting up to 375 pounds.

$200.00 $169.95 (Save 15%)
In Stock
Military-Style KD Cot C401(CSFS)(300 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Our Military Cot is the Most Popular Cot used by Shelters and Hundreds of Facilities keep them for Emergency Preparedness

$85.00 $79.95 (Save 6%)
In Stock
Deluxe Folding Camp Cot 250 Lbs Wt. Limit 15044(CS)

Heavy-duty black aluminum frame Cot

$99.95 $75.95 (Save 24%)
In Stock
King Kot Giant Folding Cot 350 Lbs Wt. Limit 15049(CSFS)

Heavy duty silver /white oxygenated aluminum frame. Rugged 1200 denier water resistant coated nylon cover. 350lb weight limit.

$179.00 $115.95 (Save 35%)
In Stock
Regalo Kids Portable Bed 5001(AZFS)

An essential item for travel, sleepovers, nap time, and camping, the Regalo My Cot Portable Bed provides a safe, comfortable alternative to your childs bed at home.

$75.00 $69.95 (Save 7%)
In Stock
Dura-Steel Cot 730-CC(BY)

The Dura- Steel Cot provides a strong economical solution for emergency preparedness, pandemic preparation in hospitals, disaster relief and shelter environments.

$125.00 $80.00 (Save 36%)
In Stock
Fully Adjustable Folding Guest Bed with Headrest 75-9930BD(TRAFS)

Trademark Fully - Adjustable Folding Guest Bed with Headrest

$125.00 $95.95 (Save 23%)
Out Of Stock
Two Person Double Wide Folding Camping Cot A20-030GN (300 Lbs Weight Capacity)

With the portable two person double folding camping cot for adults always have a comfortable place to rest.

$150.00 $98.00 (Save 35%)
In Stock
Extra Long Heavy Duty Strong Simple Military Style Cot

This high-end military cot is also ideal as an emergency cot and is currently used by many shelters.

$95.00 $74.95 (Save 21%)
Pop-Up Tent/Camping Cot with Air Mattress and Sleeping Bag B2-0006  (AZFS)

Outsunny Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent/Camping Cot with Air Mattress and Sleeping Bag

$200.00 $165.99 (Save 17%)
In Stock
Mountain XXL King Size Military Style Cot 375 lbs Wt. Limit C362-2(CSFS)

Heavy Duty Folding Cot

$165.00 $135.00 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Smart Cot XXL - Black (Weight Capacity 600 Lbs)

Whether you're camping or glamping, the Rio Gear Smart Cot XXL Camping Cot is perfect for your next overnight outdoor adventure.

$200.00 $149.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Emergency Treatment Cot in Black (450 Lbs Weight Capacity)

The strong frame supports up to 450 lb. and includes 2 buckled straps to ensure safety and security for the patient.

$250.00 $199.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Durango Military Cot (300 lbs Weight Capacity) FC01(AZFS)

The Durango Military Style Cot sleeps one person up to 6' 3" tall and holds up to 300 lbs. Frame is made of lightweight, yet very strong aluminum with 3 scissor-action folding legs

$125.00 $94.95 (Save 24%)
In Stock
FEMA ADA Special Needs Cot (400 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Universal design works with the majority of the community.

$600.00 $375.00 (Save 38%)
In Stock
MOPHOTO Folding Camping Cot for Adults, Folding Bed with Pearl Cotton Pad (600 Lbs Weight Capacity)

MOPHOTO Folding Camping Cot for Adults, Folding Bed with Pearl Cotton Pad, 75 in. × 26 in.

$200.00 $139.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Camping Folding Military Ultra-light (400 Lbs Weight Capacity) MUMB141503RAN4Z57(EBFS)

Ergonomic design, more humane, more smooth, more comfortable and healthy M folding bed, in accordance with the requirements of foreign procurement of raw materials to ensure safe non-toxic High requirements of the parts of the high quality of the moment to create a folding bed.

$100.00 $76.95 (Save 23%)
In Stock
Heavy Duty Steel Special Needs Cot with Vinyl Mat

Adjustable steel cot can easily adjustable 4- headrest and 3 leg positions.

$400.00 $299.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Deluxe Big Bear Bunk Cot B004TXY21C(AZFS)

The Deluxe Big Bear Bunk Cot has a sturdy steel construction and a wider sleeping area than most cots, giving you a great night's sleep.

$325.00 $295.00 (Save 9%)
Out Of Stock
Kamp-Rite DOUBLE (550 lbs Wt Capacity) Kwik Cot 15078975(OFS102)

The Kamp-Rite Double Kwik Cot opens in seconds to create a comfortable sleeping surface.

$250.00 $179.95 (Save 28%)
In Stock
Coleman Trailhead II Folding Cot (300 lbs Wt. Capacity )2000003209(AZFS40)

Comfortable and tough, the Coleman Trailhead II folding cot is a great choice for camping or hosting an out-of-town guest military-style cot is built to last, with an extra-sturdy powder-coated steel frame that supports up to 300 pounds.

$95.00 $69.95 (Save 26%)
In Stock
ALPS Mountaineering Large Titan Cot (450 lbs Wt. Capacity) 8231314(OFS85)

This Titan cot from ALPS Mountaineering boasts durable 600D polyester and aluminum construction.

$145.00 $115.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Militery Style Aluminum Camping Cot EP77(EARFS66)

Camping Cot Excellent for Anyone - Great for Adults, Scouts & Kids

$150.00 $105.00 (Save 30%)
In Stock
XL Military Style Reinforced Cot EP88(EARFS)

Extra Large- Extra Wide- Extra Tall- Extra Strong XL Military Cot

$175.00 $139.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment Cot (350 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment Cot was developed as a first response unit for medical and disaster relief.

$300.00 $235.00 (Save 22%)
In Stock
XB-6 Extra Wide Heavy Duty Steel Folding Cot (375 Lbs Weight Capacity)

The XB-6 is constructed of a sturdy 1-inch heavy duty steel tube rated for one person up to 375 lbs. It has a galvanized, rust-resistant finish.

$200.00 $159.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Adjustable Folding Cot XL-3 (375 Lbs Weight Capacity)

4 head and 2 foot positions for extra comfort.

$250.00 $169.95 (Save 32%)
In Stock
Deluxe Folding Camp Cot (Weight limit of 250 lbs.) 15042(AZFS49)

Sturdy aluminum frame with steel legs is what holds up the Texsport Deluxe Folding Camp Cot

$125.00 $79.95 (Save 36%)
In Stock
The Foldaway Adult Bunk Beds (HAFS)

Made by a supplier to the U.S. Military, these are the cots that convert into bunk beds and foldaway for storage.

$650.00 $499.95 (Save 23%)
In Stock
Cam-O-Bunk Foldaway Adult Bunk Bed with Leg Extensions and Cabinet (500 Lbs Weight Capacity Per Level)

Now you can sleep comfortably just about anywhere! From camping in the great outdoors, as a spare bed in the home for that unexpected visitor, as a bunk for when the grandkids visit, or just as an extra bed for your vacation home, wherever space is at a premium, the Cam-O-Bunk Large Portable Bunk is just what you need.

$600.00 $499.95 (Save 17%)
In Stock
Forfar Portable Lightweight Comfortable Green 75 Inch Folding Camping Bed and Cot (AZFS)

Military-style foldable camping cot, durable and comfortable

$95.00 $71.95 (Save 24%)
Out Of Stock
Ultimate Extra-Strong Military Style Camping Cot w/ Free Side Storage Bag System and Pillow EP99

This is a super strong steel cot at an affordable price! And comes with a 1-YEAR WARRANTY.

$175.00 $135.00 (Save 23%)
In Stock
Camping Cot 5 Legs for Added Stability (AZFS)

Militaries throughout the world have bunked their soldiers on tent cots for the compromise they offer in portability, stability, and comfort.

$99.00 $80.95 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Jumbo Camp Cot (Weight limit 300 lbs) TX15046(AZFS62)

This sturdy folding camp cot has a coated, water-resistant, forest-green nylon cover and a heavy-duty black aluminum frame that supports up to 300 pounds.

$135.00 $89.95 (Save 33%)
In Stock
YOLER Breathable Textilene Deluxe Military-style Lounge Cot (AZFS)

NANO COMPOSITE MATERIAL--100% breathable mesh double material,hree layer to strengthen the mechanical parts.Dense holes can be instantly loose sweat,guarantee the back of cool and refreshing and comfortable

$199.99 $95.95 (Save 52%)
In Stock
Compact Folding Cot With Mattress 0270-T-1 (440 Lbs Weight Capacity)

This foldable Cot is equipped with a movable pillow filled with soft sponge.

$250.00 $199.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Sports Outfitter XXL Cot (85"x 40") 600 lbs Wt. Capacity 120(AZFS116)

Do away with self-inflating mats and other uncomfortable camping beds, and enjoy a good night's sleep time and again with the Outfitter XXL cot.

$200.00 $179.95 (Save 10%)
In Stock
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