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Complete Folding Beds

Complete Folding Beds
Complete Folding Beds

Folding Beds make great Guest Beds, economical and quick to use.

Super Sturdy Metal Frame and 4 In. Foam Mattress for Adult (500 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Made of sturdy steel frame, the bed frame with reinforced structure is durable and stable enough for long servicing life.

$450.00 $399.95 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Twin Size Adult Heavy Duty Roll away Bed With 5.5 In. Mattress (300 Lbs Weight Capacity)

This is an excellent quality choice for those who want to have a great sleep experience.

$550.00 $459.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Twin Size Rollaway Bed for Adults 5 inch Memory Foam Mattress (280 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Smile Back Foldable Folding Bed with Mattress, Rollaway Guest Bed Portable Twin Size Bed Frame for Adults, 5 inch Memory Foam Mattress, Extra Bed for Guest on Wheels, No Tools Required.

$500.00 $399.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Heavy-Duty Adult Rollaway Bed With Innerspring Mattress (400 lbs Wt.Capacity) 759235(HDSSFS300)

Complete Heavy-Duty Rollaway Bed - Twin Size - 39 In. Wide -With Innerspring Mattress

$700.00 $599.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
Karcog Rollaway Bed Folding Bed with Mattress for Adults  Storage Cover Included (250 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Sturdy Bed Frame: Made of the sturdy premium steel frame, this rollaway bed with a reinforced structure is durable enough for long-term use, offering you ample stability and support

$450.00 $390.00 (Save 13%)
In Stock
Adult Full Size Fold Frame with Memory Foam Mattress 14792367F(Weight Capacity 1200 lbs)

With a powder-coated steel frame, this Full Size bed frame is fold-able for easy storage. This bed frame comes with a split Pragma Simple Cool memory foam mattress with 2 inches of memory foam and a supportive 4-inch foam base.

$500.00 $439.95 (Save 12%)
In Stock
Folding Twin Mattress w/ Portable Wheels Single Bed (Brown)(440 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Folding rollaway guest bed includes a durable steel frame, thick mattress, and removable cover.

$350.00 $299.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
The Luxurious Folding Bed With 5 In. Inner Spring Mattress 352STD_(LNFS)

The Luxurious Folding Bed is simple and easy to use. The bed sets up in mere seconds, while the thick mattress provides your guests with ultra-comfortable support for the restful nights sleep they deserve.

$275.00 $229.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Full Size Adult Heavy Duty Steel Rollaway Bed With Mattress (500 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Solid Steel Roll away Bed with 4-1/2 In. Polyester Mattress.

$750.00 $699.95 (Save 7%)
In Stock
The Twin Size Supreme Deluxe Roll-away Bed With Orthopedic Mattress(275 Lbs Weight Capacity)(Free Shipping)

Compact and versatile, The Omega Folding Bed comes with a Spring Orthopedic Mattress 5.5 In.

$750.00 $699.00 (Save 7%)
In Stock
Royal Folding Bed With Mattress (RBFFS)

Complete Metal Folding Cot With Springs And Premium Foam Mattress.

$450.00 $350.00 (Save 22%)
In Stock
JAY-BE Visitor Folding Guest Bed  with Performance e-Fibre Mattress(350 lbs Weight Capacity)

Innovation and design come together to offer a luxurious sleepover experience for your guest.

$400.00 $329.95 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Serta Rollaway Bed with Poly Fiber Mattress 14339656(OFS180)

This heavy duty angle steel rollaway bed is designed for durability. This set includes a high-quality Serta mattress as well as the sturdy steel frame.

$400.00 $250.00 (Save 38%)
In Stock
DHP Folding Rollaway Bed with 5 In. Twin Mattress 5493096(WFS99)

The Folding Rollaway Bed with a 5 In. Mattress is a sturdy metal folding cot that is great for unexpected guests, camping or even traveling. The Bi-Fold Guest Bed folds neatly in half for tidy storage in any closet or small space.

$250.00 $199.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
The Holiday Guest Bed With 5.5" Mattress (AZFS)

The Holiday Guest Bed is a real comfy bed that can be folded and stored away on its casters.

$650.00 $599.95 (Save 8%)
In Stock
Continental Sleep Portable Folding Bed (300 Lbs Weight Capacity)

With this convenient folding bed give your guests a comfortable night's sleep.

$200.00 $159.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Adjustable Head Folding Rollaway Memory Foam Bed (Weight Capacity 220 Lbs)

Taking folding roll-away beds to a new level with the Adjustable Head Folding Roll-away Memory Foam Bed.

$350.00 $295.00 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Simmons Beautysleep Folding Foldaway Extra Portable Guest Bed With Memory Foam Mattress (300 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Look no further for a compact and portable guest bed. The Simmons Beauty sleep Foldaway Guest Bed Cot with Memory Foam Mattress.

$250.00 $169.95 (Save 32%)
In Stock
Premium Quality Folding Bed, Super Comfortable (AZFS)

Milliard Premium Quality Folding Bed, Super Comfortable Wooden Slat Guest Bed - With Supportive Foam Mattress 75x38" - Twin, No Assembly

$450.00 $365.95 (Save 19%)
Out Of Stock
Serta Innerspring Rollaway Bed - Twin (WFFS)

Serta's most comfortable and durable rollaway bed. Twin size innerspring mattress.

$500.00 $385.00 (Save 23%)
In Stock
Professional Heavy Duty Steel Roll-a-Way Bed XK-14 With Mattress (375 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Professional quality roll away bed for your home or cabin, offering comfortable nights sleep.

$500.00 $399.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Lite-Touch Deluxe Rollaways 1221P(LP)(275 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Polypropylene support deck, and automatic leg opening. Available in 39 In. wide x 75 In. long.

$500.00 $400.00 (Save 20%)
In Stock
The Vienna Extra Long Bed With Premium Mattress 92355(LBFS)

The Vienna Folding Bed with Premium Innerspring Mattress

$350.00 $260.00 (Save 26%)
In Stock
Twin Size Folding Bed With Wooden Slats  2331(PJFS)(Weight Capacity 550 Lbs)

Complete Folding Bed with Metal Frame and 4 In. Foam Mattress

$350.00 $299.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
Strong Light Weight Folding Bed With Futon Mattress 3_(AVI)

Do not get caught without bed space when company shows up. Get these 31-inch folding bed frame with 4 inch pad.

$175.00 $99.95 (Save 43%)
In Stock
Series Standard Rollaways Poly Deck And Large Wheels 1220(LP)(275 Lbs Weight Capacity)

All Steel Construction | heavy gauge angle steel frame and legs

$500.00 $350.00 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Angle Steel Rollaway With Poly Deck Surface W/ Mattress (275 Lbs Weight Capacity) 129_(LP)

Heavy duty steel angle undercarriage supports add stability to bed. Polypropylene fabric deck attached with 12 gauge tight wound helical springs. support in body weight areas. Available with 4 In. foam or innerspring mattress. The price includes the bed and mattress.

In Stock
Folding Bed 5422 (TOPFS)

Folding Bed. Black Finish. Spring Mattress. Strong Construction. Easy To Fold And Unfold.

$350.00 $279.00 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Tring Folding Bed 001453135(WF)(660 Lbs Weight Capacity)

This versatile folding bed is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

$400.00 $335.00 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Folding Twin-size Roll-away Guest Bed 13822623(O125FS)

Quickly transform any space into a guest room with this convenient, comfortable roll-away bed. Designed to fit easily in a closet when folded up yet provides ample sleeping space for guests of all sizes and ages.

$193.99 $159.95 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Paramount Rollaway Bed (400 Lbs Wt Capacity) 3650010(AMTFS)

Extra guests will sleep comfortably on these quality rollaway beds.

$600.00 $599.00 (Save 0%)
In Stock
Mellow NOMADI Adult Twin Extra Long Size Fold Frame with Headboard and Memory Foam Mattress (Weight Capacity 500 lbs)

Patented folding mechanism makes this bed easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient portability and storage.

$750.00 $599.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Rollaway Guest Bed with Sturdy Steel Frame Mattress and Wheels (440 lbs Weight Capacity)

Heavy-duty Steel Frame: The rollaway bed is constructed of powder-coated frame, providing you with better support and high reliability. In addition, the reinforced steel wire and tightly connected hardware enhance stability for long-term use.

$450.00 $399.95 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Getaway Premier Memory Foam Folding Guest Bed (AZFS)

The Destinations Collection by Sleep Revolution is a line of folding guest beds that range in offer from simple solutions for entertaining guests at home or for hotels needing rollaway beds.

$450.00 $365.00 (Save 19%)
In Stock
Strong Light Weight Rollaway Folding Guest Bed (275 Lbs Weight Capacity) Extra Long

From its super sturdy bed frame to its extremely soft foam mattress, you can count on this Folding Bed to provide your family or guests the ultimate sleep experience they deserve.

$300.00 $225.00 (Save 25%)
In Stock
Super Strong Adult Diplomat Rollaway Folding Twin-size Guest Bed with Luxurious 5" Memory Foam Mattress 350 lbs Weight Capacity

Too many folding beds have flimsy, thin mattresses, that provide no comfort support. We understand that you are looking for more and that's why we designed the Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed around a 5-inch medium-firm composite memory foam mattress with a 2.5 density-rating

$475.00 $399.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Strong Light Weight Rollaway Bed (350 lbs Weight Capacity) HIFB706(HOFS)

Strong Light Weight Folding Bed. Includes two safety rails on the side

$350.00 $299.00 (Save 15%)
In Stock
Rollaway Bed/Chair JI53425(GNYFS)

Create extra seating or sleeping space—in an instant— with the Rollaway Bed/Chair!

$450.00 $338.85 (Save 25%)
Out Of Stock
Lucid Memory Foam Roll away Bed With Poly Deck LU04CTMFRB (350 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Supporting the memory foam mattress is a hectically suspended poly deck. This deck will absorb impact and the sleeper's weight, successfully avoiding that bouncy feeling.

$400.00 $340.00 (Save 15%)
In Stock
Premium Folding Bed - with Quilted Split-fold Mattress (AZ)

Milliard Premium Folding Bed - with Quilted Split-fold Mattress

$450.00 $399.95 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Roll-A-Way Bed 6 In. Spring Mattress And Large Wheels (400 lbs Wt. Capacity) M39(AVMFS)

You will never want to leave this high quality Super Heavy Duty Folding Bed. Top rated Innerspring Mattress and Large Wheels.

$800.00 $699.00 (Save 13%)
In Stock
Sigma Twin Rollaway Bed With Orthopedic 6 In Spring Mattress (275 Lbs Weight Capacity)

Compact and versatile, The Sigma Folding Bed comes with a Spring Orthopedic Mattress Approx. 4-1/2 In. Thick

$550.00 $499.95 (Save 9%)
In Stock
XL Roll away Guest Bed Memory Foam Mattress (300 Lbs Weight Capacity) SKY2838(WFS)

This bed has been specifically designed to provide a comfy bed to your future guest. The bed is designed as a cot to provide extreme support and more comfort by avoiding springs.

$450.00 $349.95 (Save 22%)
In Stock
The  Adult Jack Rollaway Bed  4 In Foam Mattress  (275 Lbs Weight Capacity)(Multiple Sizes)

Compact and versatile, The Jack Folding Bed comes with a Foam Mattress Approx. 4 In. Thick

$550.00 $480.00 (Save 13%)
In Stock
The Adult Twin Size Ritz Extra Long Folding Bed With 5.5 In. Mattress (330 Lbs Weight Capacity)

The Ritz Rollaway Bed with Extra Thick Mattress

$650.00 $599.95 (Save 8%)
In Stock
Nomadi Adult Fold Frame with Headboard and Memory Foam Mattress (Weight Capacity 500 lbs)(Assorted Sizes)

Patented folding mechanism makes this bed easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient portability and storage.

$750.00 $550.00 (Save 27%)
In Stock
Hotel Style Roll-Away Bed 4100_ (LPFS)

Hotel Style Roll-Away Bed. Hotels Add To The Versatility Of A Guestroom With A Fold-Down-Roll-Away Bed. At Home, Quickly Transform Any Space Into A Guest Room With This Convenient, Portable Sleep System.

$450.00 $399.00 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Guest Folding Bed With 5" Inner-Spring Mattress 92350 (LBFS)

The Twin Size Folding Guest Bed Features: -Comfortable 5 In. Thick Innerspring Mattress (Included With The Bed).

$250.00 $179.95 (Save 28%)
In Stock
Series Standard Rollaways 1220A(LP)

4 In. Foam Mattress; swivel casters; link or poly support deck; and automatic leg opening. Available in 30,39 and 48 Wide.

$450.00 $225.00 (Save 50%)
In Stock
Smart Folding Bed with Airflow Fiber Mattress (300 lbs Weight Capacity) 103702(WFFS)

Modern materials and innovative design make the Jay-Be smart folding bed more compact, durable and comfortable than other folding guest beds.

$300.00 $235.95 (Save 21%)
In Stock
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